Sub C Art House has joined forces with local artists, giving one artist per month a showcase and offers a 10% give-back fund on all cappuccino sales, this initiative is a contribution to the Covid Pandemic to help support local artists even if its one at a time!


The first showcase will be in August, however our first artist, Oliver Mayhew, who is also my loving brother, will be the first recipient of the give-back artist fund! Family is as important as business, a valuable motto of life. Big ups to my brother! You can check out his work on Instagram #olivermayhew to see his amazing work and his philosophical intake of what's happening in the world around us, especially in this time of a pandemic.


Oliver Mayhew (1990 - ) combines his formal training in traditional printmaking mediums with his self-taught knowledge of new media mediums. He has completed his major in BA(fine arts) at University of Pretoria.  

Mayhew explores the junctures between current technologies and traditional forms of expression. His interest lies in mitigating machine imaginations achieved through machine learning to augmented reality as "invisible" models that deliver either haunting or invasive commentary in a socio-political context.

You can also check out his website at


Sub C Art House is open every Saturday from 9-1pm forming part of Stone Sensation market media event, where large groups of people come round to buy plants, pots, stones and now coffee and art!


We are located at 160 Lynette street, Transnet Industrial Park, Koedoespoort 456-Jr, Pretoria, 0186 To not get lost, follow this link:!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x1e95614bee1d122d:0x6936e0364877bea4!2m2!1d28.268697999999997!2d-25.7229173

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